Posted by: Tanya Starcevich | September 19, 2016

Tech Savvy Homes

The latest gadgets and technology have home buyers intrigued – but are they embracing this new technology?

In working with luxury buyers and sellers the features that sell the most seem to be the simplest to operate.

Most buyers want advanced security systems, the 2nd most popular seems to be entertainment, then climate control and lastly lighting and energy efficiency.

The house that “wakes up” when you arrive home is comforting, and knowing that you are connected to your house from anywhere in the world adds peace of mind.   Home buyers marvel at the newest technology and enjoy features like built in vacuum systems that alert you when the bag is full, and light bulbs that last 15 years, and the smart smoke alarms that wake you up gently from sleep.

Connecting and checking on pets/kids when you aren’t home is also a most wanted feature but as I walk clients through the house they seem to appreciate the environmentally technical additions more.  Additions including sub zero fridge that removes mold and bacteria, air purification systems, climate control heating and air systems that learn personal habits and adjust accordingly and floors that heat our feet!

The stable tankless water heaters and self cleaning appliances are always welcomed, but the new self cleaning tile floors and water leak and mold sensors really draw attention!

Topanga and Malibu home owners prefer to live off the grid as we are already geared for this with septic systems, propane tanks and the final frontier – solar energy.  Once we truly are self sustaining and can utilize the well water – there is a desire to increase our independence by adding gardens utilizing native plants for landscaping to minimize water usage and plant orchards, vegetables and raise chickens!

Smart homes are technically not viewed as intelligent choices unless they are environmentally conscious and require less dependence and reduce our carbon foot print on the world!





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