Posted by: Tanya Starcevich | May 20, 2016

Tips for Lowering Your Property Taxes

Tips for Lowering your Property Taxes

Yep, we get it.  Rising values means property taxes are on the rise as well.  In the short term, rising property taxes aren’t terribly painful, maybe a few hundred dollars?? However,   over time you could spend several thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home ownership. Here are some practical things you can do to help dispute your Property Tax Values.
1. Review your Assessment –  If recent sales in your neighborhood look to be equal or higher than your current property value, you should probably stop reading and be glad your value is lower than it should be.  If your value is higher than you think it should be, continue reading for suggestions to help with your local tax authority. If you require help assessing the value of your home visit my website at
2. Los Angeles County Assessor’s website:
3. Look up your neighbor’s home value and see if it compares to your home. Sometimes your home has been raised in value when your neighbors have not. If this is the case, we have seen people protest in the past by simply bringing in the values of the other homes on their street.
4. Take pictures of things you still need to update in the home to help justify your value.
5. Bring extra copies of what you are presenting to the assessor and realize that it’s always better to protest in person rather than online.
If you have specific questions regarding your own Property Value, you can always reach out for help to:
Tanya Starcevich, member of Malibu Association of Realtors (310) 739-4216
Written by Seychelle Van Poole on May 9, 2016


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