Posted by: Tanya Starcevich | April 24, 2016

Topanga Days 2016

Topanga Days Country Faire runs May 28th, 29th and 30th and has been running for  over 40 years; and I remember my first event in the late 1970’s with Robin Williams as our Grand Marshall during the parade!

The crowd of thousands comes from all over to hear the music and join in the festivities.  This year we will have booths, gourmet food, vendors, Topanga Historical Society, Topanga Chamber of Commerce and there are many volunteer opportunities.

Check out the Topanga Days website for dates, lineups, booth sales and ticket sales each year. The music, the booths, gourmet food trucks and good people meld together to make this an event not to be missed!

You can also vistit our local site for more info:  ONETOPANGA


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